Hi from Pittsburgh ,PA

I found your site , and I just wanted to say Hi…I have been crocheting for a long time and I know the basic of knitting but very rusty …needed a little help to get going again …great site!!! :thumbsup:

Welcome! Come on in and join the fun! :waving:

Hi! :waving:
Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

:waving: Hey & welcome to the forum!!!

Hello and welcome! :waving:

Thanks for the nice welcome… :waving:
It’s been frustrating learning how to knit :frog:
I have seen the videos and they have helped me a great deal …I would love to make some socks but I am still having trouble with 2 needles I can’t imagine trying to knit with 4 or 5 … :roflhard:


You’ll love it here!! :cheering: This is my favorite site of all. I am “here” often every day…when I should be doing some housework. :roflhard:

I learned how to knit socks in the Fall from the Toe Up method by taking classes at my local yarn shop. Do you have a LYS? They usually even have “help” classes. Hopefully there is one in your area. Maybe classes would help you out too.

Have fun here. :XX: :XX:

Thanks Celine

I did find a couple of places by me in Barnes and Nobles that have knitting clubs once a month I am going to try to make one of them…Here is a picture of my last knitting project it is a bath mat …I found Bernat Velour chenille yarn at a dollar store it is so thick and soft. I did crochet the edges on it though… :happydance:

Hi, you are going to love this place, it’s so great. For socks try Silver’s tutorial, it’s pretty great too. I did one sock with her tute and then made a pair out of real sock yarn for my grandson.
Glad you’re with us,

Welcome! :waving: I crochet too, and so do quite a few of the members here, so you are far from alone!

Thanks Nkki and Nicole,

Well after my 16 year daughter told me that she needed a present for her friend’s B-Day tomorrow I decided to give her a purse I crochet already but I though of also giving her a scarf to go with it and I got knitting at about 11am today and just finished it…I did not think I could knit that fast… :XX: …You think that will be OK for a 16 year old… :oo:

It’ll be more than just OK, she’ll love it.

You’ve come to the right place, I’m constantly amazed at all the help and support here.


It’s great and she will love it I’m sure! What a talent you have!

Welcome! :waving:

Hi Goldkeeper!

Very nice work on the purse and scarf! :thumbsup:

I’m in the North Hills right now, but alas, hubby and I are moving to Texas next week! When you have a chance, check out our fantastics LYS’s - Knit One in Shadyside, Yarns Unlimited in Sewickley (my favorite, but crappy hours), and, within walking distance of my house, Dyed in The Wool.

Thanks,and for the LYS …Good Wishes on your move…I moved from Upstate , NY about 3 years ago to Verona,PA …I had a LYS and a Quilting center that was walking distance from me too …I really miss that :frowning:

Hi from Pittsburgh!
I usually just read the boards, but thought I would say hi! I grew up in the Monroeville, Wilkins Township area. Now, I live in Mount Pleasant. My aunt actually lives in Verona. I know there is an LYS in Monroeville. Up behind the big Giant Eagle. My mom loves it. They don’t have the best hours so I haven’t been in it, which is probably best. I don’t believe they’re open at all on Sunday, which is usaully my day to be out that way.

I know they offer a ton of different classes, though.

Good luck with the knitting–looks good to me.