Hi Everyone

I just joined this site today. I have been trying, very unsuccessfully, to teach myself to knit from books, etc. I am left handed and I think that is a small problem regarding my progress. (Although there have to be some lefties here!) I make scarves using a sewing technique, but I want to actually knit them. How long have you all been knitting and did it take you a thousand tries also?


color me left handed!!

it didn’t take me long as far as adjusting to the right handedness of knitting but, as you know, it being a very right handed world makes that adjustment necessary so much that it is just natural to me. i have to kind of look at a video or what a person is doing a couple of times to see how i need to situate myself and then i am good to go.

MY problem however with trying to learn from pictures is there is no dimension to them. i need to actually be able to see someone doing it…the videos are immensely helpful for that. i can’t learn from books for something like this at all.

i have been knitting for about 9 months now and i am not doing anything super advanced but i am not terribly interested in that either right now.

watch the videos…i think they will be of great help to you. and in my opinion, i think that the continental method is easier for lefties to learn…but it could be because i learned that way! :wink:

First off, Welcome to the forum Pamela.

I must confess to being right handed but…
being a left handed knitter shouldnt affect your knitting too much. You have a few different options that you can do.

  1. My neighbor (who is also left handed) knits English style. This means that she holds the yarn in her right hand, in addition to throwing the yarn. For her, this is easier because she learned to crochet left handed (which means she holds the yarn in her right hand).

  2. However, if you are not comfortable with doing that, another common method is to do Continental knitting. (I do this style even though I’m right handed.) With continental knitting, you hold the yarn in your left hand! For me, its harder to learn tension control with this method than it is for me to do English but you may find it easier to do because you are left handed. By doing continental, the patterns and the steps are done the same way as a right handed knitter would do.

  3. The third option that comes to mind for me is doing left handed English. I don’t necessarily recommend this method because as I understand, it means you have to make adjustments to patterns you follow. That said, to learn this method. Look in a mirror when you are trying to learn this method and watch what you do in the mirror. That will simulate right handed English instructions.

Check out the videos HERE

welcome pamela.
I tried knitting numerous times over the years and then about 6 months ago, decided FIRMLY I was doing it. i’ve always given up and fell back to crocheting. But this time, I picked those needles up, and THEY WORKED LIKE A PRO!! I was stunned. LOL.
I’m continental and righthanded.
this site is WONDERFUL

I also tried crocheting…which failed.
thanks guys and gals.

nice to see guys into the craft as well.

Welcome! :waving:

I’m not left-handed, but I end up using my left hand so much when knitting that I wonder if it really matters which “handed” one is. Getting used to knitting at all seems to be the tricky bit :smiley:

A fellow-knitter friend of mine is left-handed and she’s a much better knitter than I am. She knits “right-handed,” but what she does is she knits continental and instead of picking up the yarn with her right needle, she throws the yarn over the needle with her left hand. So she still knits from right to left, but her left hand does all the work.

I am a lefty - and I initially started knitting continental but ended up switching to holding in my right hand - it just is more consistent. I taught myself via the internet and had a few frustrating weeks, then I got the hang of it. Before I did a project I just did lots of swatches.

If there is a Joanns, Michaels or LYS around you, I would highly advise taking a beginners class. Plus bookmark the videos on this site, I still use them all the time!

I am a left handed person that knits right handed. I use the continental method so I do most of the work with my left hand. I have tried several times to do it English style and I can’t. Continental knitters are usually a little faster anyway :lol:


WELCOME, Pamela!!

Amy suggests watching the videos in a mirror set up next to your monitor…that automatically reverses everything you are doing. I think that also means, though, that you reverse your patterns.