Hi everyone!

Hi there, new kid here! I was wondering if ya’ll could help me? I make glass beads for a living and I want to make some row markers for my mom who teaches knitting. I was wondering if anyone has any pics of some so I could get an idea how these things work? I’m a beginner knitter and can now purl thanks to Amy’s video! :happydance: Thanks for your help!

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I don’t have any pictures, but i am a beader, too. Here’s what I have done:
Use a head pin to “string” a dangle --like a smallish bead, then a crystal, and another smaller bead-- and make a wrapped loop at the top. Then, use an EXTRA LONG heavyish gauge (16 or 18) eye pin, and put the dangle on the loop. Then add a few more beads to the shaft of the pin, but not too many because you want to leave PLENTY of the shaft to make a large circle at the top to go around the needle. You can use a ring gauge if you have one that is small enough, or a pencil or a 1/4 in dowell… I was afraid to use my knitting needles to bend the loop because I didn’t want to dent/scratch/mess them up. Anyway, bend the shaft into a large circle and solder it shut. Viola!

Actually, that’s a row marker, not a stitch marker :doh:

I do have pictures on KH of some row counter bracelets I made–Kk the searching genius can find them and post a link! (right KK?)

If you Google Images and type in ‘stitch markers’ many pictures come up. I was going to post some but there are a lot.


Hi Anne!
Welcome to the forum! You might check thisout to get some ideas.

Thanks for the replys ya’ll! I can’t wait to make some for my mom!

Welcome! I love beaded stitch holders. They are so pretty! [size=2]* :thinking: time to get into beading…[/size] :doh:


Enjoy your stay here!

Welcome, Anne!! :waving:

Nice to meet you, Anne! I am sure you’ll love it here!

Sorry I can’t help with the marker question, but would love to see some when you’re finished with them!

I’ll be sure to post a pic when I get them done! :thumbsup:

[color=blue] :balloons: Welcome Anne! These are a great bunch of folks! Look forward to seeing your bead markers!

southern maine[/color]

:waving: Hi, Anne. Welcome!

One question for ya’ll! Are the loops closed or do they need to be open a bit? If I use the wire I think I would have to close them off when I wire wrap the beads on.

HI Anne!:waving:
i’ve made a few beaded stitch markers. i don’t know why i never took a pic. but i love beads and the stitch markers i’ve seen are so pretty whic inspired me to make my own… the prolly have to many beads on them thou!! :oops:

Hello Anne, I recognozed your area, My favorite dealer for my dolls lives there. Welcome.

Here’s a site I came across http://chrisknits.blog-city.com/beaded_stitch_markers_2.htm

I made ONE stitch maker. I pinched my finger with the plyers–bloodblister. :help: OUCH :oops: It even hurt to knit a little.

But the website was very helpful. :thumbsup:

ok i went and took a pic. i’m missing one… one of my kids prolly got it. anyway heres a pic of them… they aren’t as good as i want because i couldn’t find a ring big enough so i just used wire for the whole thing.

Glad you asked that Anne coz I want to make some too. Just got a bunch of beads for a shrug and have thousands left over so I’ll be interested to see how yours turn out!

Denise (FoldedBird) has a bunch of neat stitch markers too… ask her to show you them sometime.

Well here is what my mom is getting for Christmas this year! Just finished them up this morning. I made the beads (except for the small clear ones :wink: )and then added the sterling wire. Hope she likes them!

Very nice gift. I like your name it has a ring to it. Sounds like an author or maybe an actress.