Hi Everyone!

Hello, everyone! I’m Rebecca!I just joined about ten minutes ago. Here’s a little about my self: I LOVE to knit. I just started knitting about two weeks ago and I love it. Can anyone tell me waht stitches midwest is?
Thanks for y’all’s help in advance!!! :slight_smile: :muah:

It’s a big knitting convention in several parts of the county every year. Stitches midwest is THIS WEEKEND :woot: in Chicago, and several of us are getting together there.

How far is Tulsa from Chicago? About 700 miles??? That’s like only 10 hours! Are you coming?

Welcome to the forum Rebecca! :waving:

Welcome, Rebecca…great to have another Rebecca around here!
My answer to your poll is over 20…waaaayyyy over 20 projects knit.

I voted 20+ & that’s just so far this year. This has been my most productive knitting year since taking it up 2.5 years ago.

Welcome to the site! :muah:

Hi, Rebecca! Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting. :hug:

:cheering: Hi Rebecca!!

Welcome to knitting and welcome to the BEST knitting site around!! :hug:

:balloons: Hi Rebecca … WELCOME

I voted 20+ as well, and I only learned how to knit in February!!! :o What can I say? “Hello. My name is Jennifer & I’m a Knit-a-holic.” :wink:

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile: I voted in the “not sure” range as I’m not sure in total how many since I started when I was little - I’ve had many many breaks in between before starting again this year =D

:cheering: Welcome to the forum!!!

welcome to the forum!

I’ve done under 10 (i think. might be just ten). Because of this site, I have been able to learn to cable, how to make socks and am working on a sweater, and lace knitting now. this site is the best!

I replied “above 20” to the poll question, but the majority of those things are dish cloths- quick to make! For either larger or non dish cloth projects I’ve made hmm…about 20 I guess! :teehee: I’ve only been kintting since March.