Hi all!

I’ve started knitting a jumper and the pattern says to make up, pick up and knit 12 stitches down left side of the neck.

I’m a little confused as to how to do this. I do know how to pick up stitches but when it says 12 stitches down, I’m a little confused.

I was wondering if any one can explain this to me.

Many thanks

Could you give us the name of the pattern and/or a link to it? That will help us answer your question.


Yeah sorry…

The pattern is from the simply knitting magazine and called Pride of Island by Marie Wallin and using Rowan Tweed yarn.


Is this it? http://www.themakingspot.com/knitting/pattern/pride-of-the-island If so, it’s lovely!

Based on what you wrote, it looks like it’s asking you to pick up 12 stitches starting at the back maybe??–I don’t know where you start picking up the stitches as that info is not in your post. Anyway, then you would continue picking up these stitches down the left front side.

I don’t see anything that says you skip down 12 rows, though–oh, unless you read “down” to mean where you start! I think that’s trying to tell you the [U]direction[/U] to pick up the stitches.

Does that make sense?

Yes that is the one. I thought it was gorgeous too. I’m knitting it for my sister.

This is the exact instruction: YOKE: With RS facing, using longer 5mm circular needle and yarn A, slip first 50 sts on back holder onto another holder, then K across rem 27 sts, K across 49 sts on left sleeve holder, PICK UP AND KNIT 12 STS DOWN LEFT SIDE OF NECK (this is the part I got stuck on).

Thanks again for all the trouble. I really want to try and complete this project.

Ah, okay. It helps to see the rest of the directions. Thanks for posting.

So after you knit the 49 stitches from the left sleeve holder, it looks like you will then pick up and knit 12 [U]new[/U] stitches starting where you left off and evenly spaced down the left side of the neck.

It means pick up 12 sts [I]along[/I] the left side. When you start picking up at the back of the neck, you go ‘down’ the side of it to the front neck.

Thank you so much for all your help. I’m starting on it right away