Hi all new here!

My name’s Becca, I’m a 26 year-old SAHM to 3 great kids and wife to an awesome DH for 8 years. I learned to knit in high school Home Ec. I just recent;y learned to purl and I’m having a blast with it! I use needles and also just aquired a Knifty Knitter, so I’ve made some hats and a scarf with it. I just finished knitting my Mom a hat and am now knitting a scarf (with needles). I can’t wait to read up on some great tips and get to know everyone here! :XX:

:waving: Welcome! Must be tough to live in Ratfink World! :rofling:

That’s not a real place, is it?! :shock:

Only at my house, Ingrid! :wink:

Welcome Becca! :waving:

Welcome! There is such a wealth of knowledgeable knitters here! Glad to have another. Isn’t it funny the things we learned in home ec.

Welcome, Becca! :waving:

I’m jealous that you learned to knit in Home Ec! We didn’t learn any crafts except sewing, and I already knew how to do that. The only thing I remember from Home Ec is this bit of sage advice: “never kiss a boy if you wouldn’t use his toothbrush.” :shock:

I got to make an apron in Home Ec. I think it was the last occasion I ever had to own an apron. :thinking:

Hi and welcome–I’m 26 also w/ 1 kiddo. I’m in GA–there is a lot of good knowledge around here–glad to have you around!

Hey, another (Re)Becca!!!

I’m totally jealous that they taught you to knit in home ec… I think we made cupcakes… Oh yeah, and embroidered a pillow… :rollseyes:

Welcome aboard!!

Howdy :waving:

Hey :waving: Becca, from another Becka :wink: Look forward to getting to know you :wink:

Hi Becca! Welcome!

I’m a sahm too.

How cool that they taught knitting in Home ec! All we learned was cooking, and that you should wear deoderant. HA! Our teacher actually had a one women skit about it. That is so sad. I would have loved to learn to knit.


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

A skit about the need to wear deoderant?! Oh please please please describe that!

WELCOME, Becca!! You like it here, I promise you!! I’m pretty sure this is the nicest forum of knitting ladies (and some cool guys too) in the world–and some of them know just about EVERYTHING when it comes to knitting!! JUst ask for help, and they’re so accomodating.

The only thing I learned in Home Ec…course, that was in the 60’s…was how to set a table correctly. :shock:

Ack! Table setting! We had to take a test on that! :rollseyes:

:waving: Hi, Becca!