Hi all (intro post)

Hiya. :slight_smile:

My name’s Becky; I’m 18. I’m from southeastern PA, but I go to college in central PA.

I first learned to knit when I was really little from my dad, but got bored without completely any projects. A few months ago, a friend at college decided to start knitting, and I got addicted (I’m sure all of you understand that). I’ve been lurking on this site for about a month, and decided I should say finally say hi.

Out of my finished projects, I think my most favorite are the socks I just finished, and a hat based on the one Jayne wore in Firefly. Hopefully I’ll post pictures soon.

Everyone on this board seems so nice; I almost can’t wait to have questions, so I can get to know all of you.


Welcome to the forum, Becky!!! :cheering:

As a guy who knits I think it’s pretty cool that you first learned from your dad.


:waving: Welcome to the best forum the internet hast to offer.

Welcome to the forums! :hug:

Welcome Becky! I’m sure you’ll enjoy knitting/the forum as much as everyone here! Its an addiction really, I think if I had learned in college I would’ve never gotten any work done I’d have just constantly been knitting.

I’d love to see a picture of your Jayne hat! That’s definitely on the list of someday projects for me - DH and I both need them… :teehee:

HI BECKY! You’re going to love it here! :cheering:

Welcome! Glad you’ve joined us!

Hi Beck, Welcome :waving:

What part of SE PA are you from? I live in Glenside, not far from Philly.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx


this is a great place to get help, make new friends, and find yarn enablers :eyebrow: :eyebrow:

Wooo hooo, another person in the world converted! :teehee:

Everyone here is wonderful, and helpful. I definately own my knitting prowess to the people on this forum!

Wow, I’m so glad I decided to delurk. You all are so nice. :slight_smile:

Nadja, I live in Langhorne, so I’m more northeast of Philly.

Welcome, welcome!! Can’t wait to see your pix. :muah: :muah:

Welcome! College is a great time to learn to knit. Do your professors let you knit in class? If you don’t mind my asking, what are you majoring in, and where are you going to college? I knew some people from my church who went to college in PA - I think it was Bethany College or something like that.