Hey everyone again!

hey everryone can you knit a skirt if u can, can some one please find me a pattern thxx !! <3:knitting: :cheering:

Yes you can, I did one in college. There are pattern collections at www.knittingpatterncentral.com, www.dailyknitter.com and in the archives at www.knitty.com

I knit this green ruffled skirt from a Creative Knitting magazine. After you get past casting on over 700 stitches for the bottom ruffles, it’s actually a pretty easy pattern. So, yes, you can knit a skirt…there are some pretty skirt patterns on Ravelry if you’re a member there.

Oops…here’s the skirt.

:heart: thats lovely but i wanted like a shorter skirt that was the only thing:heart: :heart: :yay:

You can make it shorter, just start it with less sts and don’t make as many rows.

This pattern was actually a LOT shorter…I added several inches to the length.

Here’s a nice skirt. Probably too long, but it starts at the waist so you can knit it as long/short as you like.