Hexagon socks

I’m about to try my hand at a sock pattern called Hexagons, from the book [I]Think Outside the Sox[/I]. I have to dye up some yarn, so I’ll probably be starting on the weekend. Would anyone like to join me? :poke:

P.S. Yes, my argyle socks are having a time out.

First batch of yarn for this project, hot out of the dye bath. I’m still deciding on other colors.

Batch #2

I’m still struggling with heel turns. This pattern looks like it’s a bit beyond me. But I would be interested to hear how you’re progressing with this. Please keep us posted.

Your colors are lovely. If I had the book I’d just about jump off the deep end and join you. Is the pattern available for sale by itself, me wonders and heads for googleville.

I’ve finished the cuff and heel of the first sock. The way this sock is designed—just hexagons that are fitted together—there isn’t really any heel turning involved. The construction is quite different from a typical sock. If you like this sock, I say go for it. What’s the worst that could happen? I’ll try to post a pic tomorrow.

Thanks. I don’t think the pattern is available without the book, BUT the book came out in 2010, so your local library might have a copy. Or you might get it through interlibrary loan.

I’m really curious about how the hexagons are worked.

The hexagons are knit in the round, starting from the outside and decreasing toward the center. After the first hex, each new one is starting by casting on + picking up sts of one or more sides of previous hexes. You can make the hexes using whatever method you like best for knitting in the round. I like magic loop, so I simply divided my sts for each hex into two sections. I also dispensed with the markers and wrote out the instructions (by stitch count) for each round. For me stitch markers on something so small just get in my way and slow me down.

This is where I am on the first sock:

I’m going to make a paper model of the hexagon layout to help me figure out which edges attach to which. You have to know ahead of time which stitches to pick up.

This pattern make seem daunting, but the hexagons themselves are very easy to knit.

That looks really good. I can see the st markers could be a problem in and of themselves in a case like this. Hexagon Sox or How to Knit Your Very Own Puzz 3D. LOL The paper model is a good idea. If I ever make some, I’ll need to remember that.

I’m happy to report that the paper model was what I needed to move forward. I did have to rip out one hexagon, but that was a small price to pay. I’ll post another pic when I get about halfway down the foot. You ladies really should try this!

Okay, I get the construction. You knit these from the outside in and end up with a hole in the center. The hexagons are then joined somehow. The one thing that makes me leery is: Will the holes in the center of the hexagons be uncomfortable to walk on?

I just tried the sock on again and walked around on the (uncarpeted) kitchen floor, so I could answer your question. I can’t feel the holes at all, and I can tell you I’m very sensitive to seams in socks. Although granted my toes are likely more sensitive than my heels. I think if you choose a soft squishy wool, you won’t feel the holes. BUT what you could do as a test is knit one hexagon, put it on the floor, and stand on it.

So far so good:

I really like the way these are coming out. :woot: As you can see, the centers aren’t really holes if you cinch 'em up nice and tight.

I forgot to respond to your comment about how the hexagons are joined. Contrary to what I thought before I started, the hexagons aren’t knit separately then joined. As you cast on for a hexagon, you pick up stitches along the edge of the hexagon(s) you’re joining it to. So by the time you join the round to start knitting in the round, your new hexagon is already joined to the rest of the sock. There is no seaming needed.

Very interesting construction! These socks are psychadelically cute!

Unfortunately, I’m not much of a sock knitter, though. I made one pair to see if I caught the sock knitting bug! I didn’t find the process enjoyable enough to do it again, so I won’t (unless someone holds a gun to my head), and I’m not all that keen about spending hours knitting something that goes on my feet!

Nope, sock knitting isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Happily, we all get to choose the projects we like. What are your favorite things to knit?

Guess what! The first sock is done. :happydance:

The blue and purple in the photo are accurate, but the yellow/orange is way off. IRL it’s a green/yellow.

I love it! Bet I’d love it even more if the colors were true. I think those would make the funnest slippers.