Hexagon socks..need help

hey ladies…i am working the “Star Treatment” hexagon sock pattern in the latest “Knitter’s” mag…i can’t find help through their site, but the question is this: if you have 6 stitches per circular needle, 3 needles, and you decrease like this: (k2tog, k1), will you ever end up with 2 stitches per needle? i have done the decreases and i have drawn it out and i just don’t get it? i can’t end up with 2 stitches per needle, as the pattern suggests? any help is appreciated…

Well, it doesn’t happen very neatly. You can go from 18 to 12 to 8 but then you’d have to k1, k2tog, k1, k2tog, k2. Can you quote the pattern directions?

6stsx3needles=18sts to start

row1: 18/3sts per repeat (k2tog, k1)=6groupsx2=12sts
row2: 12/3=4x2=8
row3: 8/3=2.6=5.3

Nope. Seems to me you can end with 8 or 5 but not 6 and therefore you cannot have 2sts per needle.
I guess on row 3 you could omit one k2tog to leave the extra st and end with 6.

thank you ladies! the actual pattern says:
End Round (K2tog, k1) 6 times - 2 stitches per needle…
that is starting with 6 stitches on each of 3 needles by this point. i am just a math sticklar and it doesn’t add up and i couldn’t find a pattern correction. it’s not a big deal…i ended up with 5 stitches total and cinched them up…
i haven’t been on this site for a while…thank you! i will tune in more and hopefully pay this forward!!
have a happy easter and remember:
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I came on your question late and it seems to be answered.

But there are quite a few MALE knitters and even male sock and lace knitters on here and in the world. Please don’t feed the stereotype that knitting is only for very old ladies.

hey hey! :slight_smile:

you’re right…no offense! i am helicopter pilot surrounded by men all day long…i know stereotypes! but forgive me…knitting is the one thing in MY LIFE where i am actually around more women than men! no offense, but i need that every once in a while!
i knit at work, while i am waiting for my customers…i can’t believe how many men know how to knit! awesome! they don’t acknowledge it to eachother, but will to me! ; )
so please forgive my slight…but i do believe it was ladies who answered my question! ahahahhaa and happy easter!!

knit fast, die warm!
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No problem and since no offense was given none was taken, I understand stereotype and bend them all the time. I wear a kilt and knit kilted in public. Talk about bending stereotypes and labels.

If I had said anything that came across as a female stereotype can you imagine the response I would have gotten, even if I said it while wearing my skirt, excuse me, kilt.