hexagon crochet pattern help!!!

Hello hope someone can help!!

im very stuck on this highlighted section of this hexagonal granny square cardigan i am crocheting if someone could explain i would greatly appriciate!!

Maybe this one?

We need help from the crochet crowd

Im not best one to explain (I’m using graphs not written patterns) but will do my best.
As I understand it asked you to join squares than make 3ch and 1tr in corner space than continue making 3tr in space between each 3tr group on squares you joined and 2tr in corner space and fasten off. On end of row you should have 18 3tr group or w/e size you make ans 2tr on each corner. That is best I can explain with words.

It’s not clearly written, but you’re basically going to add some stripes. You need to attach your next color to the BOTTOM corner of the LEFT back, work up to the top (RS row), end off, turn, attach your next color there and work back to the hem (WS row), end off, attach next color, work up to the top, attach 4th color and work down to the hem.

Then do it again, starting at the TOP corner of the RIGHT back with the next color in sequence and working down to the hem (RS row), then up to the neck with the next color (WS row), etc. After 4 rows, I guess you’ll seam the center back.

Then you’ll add similar stripes around the hem and the sleeves.

I read it as join the new yarn in the corner, top or bottom, then do the ch3 and 1 tcr in the corner space. After that just do 3 tcr in each ch sp along the edge, ending with 2 tcr in the corner. I’d join the yarn with RS facing to be working on the RS, assuming there is one, so one edge would be started at the bottom and the other at the top of the piece.

If the pattern salmonmac posted is your pattern, looking at the photos on Ravelry where they can be enlarged is helpful to see how it should look.