Herringbone Cuff -yb & yf?

Okay, this is an insanely noob question, but I’m not exactly sure how I’m supposed to yb or yf. I got the pattern from AlterKnits.
R1: K2 yf, slip2, yb, k2
R2: P1 *yb, slip 2, yf, p2 * until last 3 stitches remain, p3

So when I do the yarn to front (yf), am I supposed to be doing a yarn over, like in yfwd? Or am I just supposed to bring the yarn forward without working it at all? If I do, it creates a line across the row on the [I]right side[/I] :oo:

It’s my first time doing a herringbone, so I’m a bit confuzzled.

Yf and yb are just that–bringing the yarn to the front or back the way you do to switch from knit to purl. If the pattern wants the yarn across the front, then that’s what you do. Give it a bit–you’ll see it take shape.

The yf and yb are like a yo in that they don’t involve working a stitch at all, just something you do between stitches you might say. I believe the herringbone stitch does carry a strand across the front of the work like you said, so you are probably doing it right. Like Ingrid said, just keep going and see if it doesn’t look right after a bit.

Thanks so much everyone. I worked the pattern in some waste yarn first and realized that it was going << instead of /^\ like I was expecting. Now I just have to work the leather until it’s flexible and I’ll have my cuff!