Here's my wizard pattern!

I can’t believe how easy this was :shock: This program is very easy to use.I think this only took me half an hour.I did this same pattern in the round but can’t find where I put it :doh:Any questions out there?

:thinking: That looks really cool. I may have to get me one.

So do you just enter the weight of the yarn, measurements and style and get a pattern all written out for you like that?

It’s great you pick sleeve type,neckline,ribbing,gauge (yours),if you want to knit in round or flat,repeat pattern,close fitting oversize ect,needle size for body & ribbing,body shape (hour glass),yarn weight there’s more but you get the idea.Then you can change necklines, sleeves ect if you don’t like the way it looks.All with the touch of a key.Ingrid you would love this.I want it mostly to do my gauge and then if I want a different yarn then it calls for it figures it all out for you

Ingrid you can download a demo version. It’s limited to one size (30 in chest I think), but you can see what will be available to you.

That does look like a cool pattern!

I downloaded the demo last night and messed around with it a bit. It looks pretty cool. Joann’s has it for $89.99 (I think), but with a 50% off coupon that might be doable at some point down the road. (After I get new tires and 4-wheel alignment for my vehicle!).

Since I have yarns that are not standard weights, it will make it easy to make a sweater pattern. I like that Joann’s idea, too! Or my birthday isn’t too far away. Now, the question is, can I wait?

I have it, but I find I don’t use it much. I think I will though in the future…it is almost like “magic” the way it prints everything out so perfectly.

Ohhhh this is sounding better and better! I RARELY get those 50% off coupons from Joanns though. :rollseyes:

I played with the demo yesterday, too…I just might have to have this baby :wink:

If you order online, you can google “ coupons” and there are a bunch of sites where you can get coupon codes. The ones that come in the paper are usually 40% off. I usually order online because my nearest joann’s doesn’t have much for knitting supplies.

Okay I found a 50% coupon when I tried it it said that it was excluded from the 50% off. :rollseyes: I’ll get it eventually.

Oh man…I was counting on using a coupon for that. I think KnitPicks has it for $69.

Wow!! That is so cool! You are already such an incredibly talented knitter and now you can design all kinds of new patterns. How great is that!?!

:heart: kimmie