Here it is! Please help me with my beanie pattern!


Here is my beanie pattern that I need help on. I watched the video on the German twisted cast on and I was very impressed. I would like to ask opinions on whether ppl suggest using it on this pattern or just stick with long tail cast on, please?

Also, It says “Beanie With Flower” but I don’t see the flower part. Is it where the instruction “Work crown as follows” is?

Really grateful for any help!

I have uploaded the pattern. If it’s not clear, please let me know. Thanks!


Hi there! For me, long tail cast on and German cast on are relatively the same thing and I personally prefer the long tail as it is less time-consuming, but if you really can’t choose then I recommend you knit a tiny piece of both to see which one you like better.

Where it says “work crown as follows,” it seems like that’s just where you are decreasing in the hat so the fabric doesn’t bunch up when you end the beanie at the top.

In the several years I’ve been knitting, I’ve never seen a flower like this be knitted as part of the hat, so it’s very likely separately knitted and then sewn on. You can find videos or patterns of knitting these flowers anywhere these days. Hope this helps!

What is the name of your pattern and the name of the designer? Or you could copy/paste the link in a reply. A search on Ravelry for “Beanie With Flower” (knitted) has lots of patterns. Ravelry search

For hats I favor a twisted cast on. I like the way it looks. It also is stretchier so if a tight cast on is a problem for you then it’s well worth learning and using the twisted version of the long tail cast on.