Here is my Baby Blanket & 1 Boot Slipper

Here is my baby blanket I just finished Wednesday last week, I did it in Red Heart Baby Clouds in Pale Blue. That is my daughter modeling with it :slight_smile:

Here is my 1 slipper I just finished Sunday, I did it in Mary Maxim Titan 3ply Bulky in Navy.


That blankie looks so cuddly! Nice job! :cheering:

wow. you must be persistant! That yarn isn’t pleasant to work with…

Nice Job!!!

Very nice!

(although I must admit, I was a trifle confused at first, since I thought your daughter was you and the pillow under the blanket was the baby…is it Friday yet?!)


Great job! The slipper is cute and the blanket looks wonderful and soft!

I love that blanket!

And the slipper is cute! Great job!

Wow, that’s a big blanket! It should fit nicely in a crib! Beautiful job on both of them! Pretty daughter! :cheering:

Wow! I admire you for sticking with it on that blanket. I made a queen sized blanket once and that did a number on me. :notworthy:

Thanks everyone for your kind comments :muah: :muah:
Just got back from Mary Maxim in Paris,Ontario and bought a bunch of yarn!!! :happydance: :happydance:

I love that baby blanket! :heart: