Here is a beautiful and easy knitted lace scarf pattern

I saw this on tv recently so I printed it out. :cheering: Just this morning I began to knit the lace scarf with my first hank of Mmmmmmm. Its coming out so beautiful. :muah:

This pattern is so easy that after doing the rows a few times I don’t even have to look at the pattern anymore. :happydance: I higly recommend it to anyone who wants to get their feet wet with knitting a lace scarf.,1789,HGTV_3263_3854522_02,00.html

I’m doing the whole scarf in the lace pattern not just on the ends. :teehee:

That is lovely, looks like feather and fan :cheering:

I’m not sure of the name but its really a beautiful pattern. I am SO glad that I found it. I plan to use it often with all kinds of yarns. It looks more complicated than it is. That part I like!! :muah:

That’s a really nice pattern Celine, you’re right! I’m going to try it.
Easy but pretty… Thanks!