Here are the curly scarves I made!

Here are two of the three crochet curly scarves I did. They are simple to do and I love how they look. :cheering: I haven’t crocheted in YEARS.

so pretty!!! Good job!!:yay::yay:

I love the colorway in the one of the left!:cheering:

nicely done- they look terriffic

I like that yarn too. ITs SWS (Soy, Wool Stripe) by Patons and I got it at ACMoore. They had about 6 different colors blends and I bought three of them. I may go back for more.

Really beautiful!

Oh those are just beautiful :inlove:

Very pretty!

Oh I love them!

The scarves look really nice! I’ve used the yarn before (for felting) and I love how soft it is.


I really like those!!! Any chance you can tell me where you got the pattern? Ohh I want to make one, too! :slight_smile:

Here is the pattern…enjoy.

:yay:Very nice. :thumbsup: