Hems, Cuffs and Neckbands

I’m knitting my first sweater: black/white horizontal stripes completely in k3 p2 rib. I would like to hear your advice/ideas on how the edges should be done?

A turned-over hem in this rib pattern seems to be bulky because of the opposite pattern when the edge is turned. I was thinking about just leaving the sleeve and body edges as bound-off edges for a “raw” look.

My cast-on neck definitely needs a neck-band added as the edge looks messy. I finished the body length today and started worrying about the bind-off. Same for the sleeves over the next few days (or weeks. By then the stripey fad would have worn off…)

Any takers for this, my first post?!

Welcome! :waving:

Since you’re doing ribbing, you can bind-off in pattern, which looks really nice and neat.

Thanks Angelia! I had sort of decided, so I needed another’s confirmation. ;o)

Today I discovered the 101 methods of binding off, but will stick to the usual method. Any ideas for the neck?

:thinking: Hmm…is the neckline ribbed? You can bind off in pattern there, too.

I’m not sure what you mean by a cast-on neck–did you pick up stitches there and knit upwards?

You can pick up the stitches around the neck with needles a size or two smaller and add a crew neck. :thinking:

By “cast-on neck” I meant that the stitches cast-on at the beginning of this project became the edge of the neck, and I continued to knit down the shoulders and body. Neglected to research the 1001 casting-on methods, plus the increases were made right at the edge. I’ll probably pick up stitches as Ingrid suggests but make it a v-neck as it’s already shaped (see picture!) Thanks Ingrid.

How about THIS (see picture) for a neck idea? (Thanks to this morning’s Sunday Telegraph) – Diagonal stripes around a neck band! But could someone explain just how it could be knitted?

This pattern has instructions for adding a v-neck. The numbers will be different, of course, but you can see how the decreases at the V are made.