Hemmed knitting - this is what I worked out


I already wrote in a thread: I worked out a way to knit a fabric that looks like stochinette from the front side but does not curl.
The trick is that the sides are “self-hemming” with a tubular knitting part on the edge.

I do not know if this has a name but I did not find any other instruction for it. I thought I would just share it here and hear your oppinions.

This is where I put my instructions:


I’d love some input from everybody since I came up with this idea 4 days ago only and am still in the beginning stages of my experiments.

such a simple fix to an age old problem I have only been knitting for a few years and I have not come across a name for a stitch like this maybe the more experienced knitters in the forum will have a different answer for you.

It’s single yarn, one color double knit. Most people like to use 2 colors and/or do motifs with it, but I learned it with just one color, stockinette both sides and it’s tubular with both ends closed.

Thanks for the name!

I had not seen double knitting with just one color - and not on just parts of the fabric. And if I would do it entirely double then I would create a scarf / piece that is entirely double thick (not so good for a cardigan, for example). And at the same time I would have a hose that would not lie flat.

I am thinking of making a scarf using the edges and the middle ridges together with some pattern.