Help! :)

I’m knitting a baby cardigan and am a bit stumped on the neckband part. I have the sleeves and back on holders.
The directions say to:
“With RS facing, pick up and knit 13 sts evenly along the right front neck edge.”

I’m confused as to where to pick them up from.
If it’s any help, the pattern is the three to six month version of the Baby Daisy Cardigan which you had the link to.


Here is a video on picking up stitches. They are discussing picking up stitches on the gusset of a sock put the principle is the same.

Jimmy Bean Wool

Oh, dear, I suppose I’m going to be a tough case. I’m hopelessly stupid and most online videos and all of YouTube is blocked at my house. Thank you so much though!

Here’s a verbal description - pretend the edge you’re going to pick up from is the left needle; insert the right needle into one of the sts, wrap the yarn around it and pull it through. Repeat. The right front neck is as you wear it, and will be at the ‘beginning of the row’ when you lay the sweater down with the RS facing you.

Here’s a nice tutorial with pictures to show you how to pick up sts.

Thank you all so, so much!!! I think I have finally figured it out!!!

I’ll try to post a picture when I finish!