In 7 minutes it’s Christmas Eve and I’m on the verge of tears. Ok, I finished my mom’s purse at work on my lunch. I’m felting it soon after I eat, for the first time today. I need this purse dry tonight!!! How can I do that??? AAAHHHH!!! :wall:

I’m NOT AN EXPERT ON FELTING and I don’t know what fiber you used, but can you hold a hair dryer to it (with the air on cool)?

i have to say it isn’t going to be easy. hopefully you can have that thing wrapped later in the day…maybe wash it to the point where it is a little less felted than what you normally would, shock it by dumping it in icy water, and then throwing it in the dryer to finish felting?

when i want to speed dry mine i also put a fan on it that is on high. make sure you squeeze as much water out as you can before throwing it in the dryer too (if you do that anyway)…you may go through several towels trying to get all the water out but it will help make it dry faster.

and pay attention to the handles. those always seem to take the longest to dry for me.

Good luck…hopefully someone will give some other and better ideas but that’s the best i have for you.

I have shelf thing I can put in my dryer for things you don’t want tumbled. I tried putting my purse on it and it dried much quicker!

I was going to suggest the shelf thing, too. Or a fan on high…maybe two fans! And yeah, rolling it in towels repeatedly should help, too, before you start the fan or dryer process.

Will it really be a problem if it’s still a bit damp?

Ive dried all of my felted clogs in the dryer. They only shrink up the tiniest little smidgen more, and I take them out every half-hour or so to stretch them back into shape. NOOOO problem! Dont CRY!! :frowning:

Well, I ended up squeezing the crap out of it then shaping it over a MilkBone box and putting a fan on it. I was floored I actually found a fan! That dried while I went and got 4 hours of sleep, I attached the handles and left it in front of the fan while I went to work. My husband grabbed it on his way out the door and our way out of town. I wrapped it in the car :smiley: Thank you all for the suggestions!

Its good to hear that it dried in time! :cheering: :smiley:

I wish I had time to take a pic, it was the best one yet!

Maybe whenever you see your mom next you could snap a quick picture of her holding the bag :wink:

FO’s always look good with a modle there to help show them off :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay!!! I’m so excited for you! :cheering: :cheering: