I’m making my first sweater (commence the awwwww’s) and its knitting in the round, raglan style. the increases. are kicking. my butt. i can’t seem to do it without huge gaping holes i can stick a finger through! and I can’t seem to knit it without dropping stitches. its just too tight. anyone have an alternate increase that wont leave holes? or tips on how to do this better? its killin me! thanks guys.

Welcome to KH! Please give us the name of the pattern and a link when you ask questions if it’s all possible. It helps us help you. :wink:

What increase are you doing? Some of them do leave holes and it’s sometimes considered a part of the design. I’ve done raglans with a KFB (knit front back) and it works well w/o holes. It just leaves a little bar which IMO looks nice. There are several increases though. The video link at the top of the page under increases will show you a lot of them.