I am making this pattern–
and I lost a stitch along the way. I would hate to start over. Is there a good spot I can add a stitch without ruining the patter?

I am about to start row 6 for the 4th time.


Are you able to read back through your stitches to see where you lost it? Its possible it may not be that far back and you may be able to either pick it up or tink back and redo.

I think if you pick up a stitch you may need to know where it was lost so it does not put it off balance if you know what I mean.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


If you dropped a stitch, it may continue unraveling if you don’t go find it and work it back up. There’s a ‘fixing mistakes’ section in the videos on this website- check them out for help on how to work the stitch back up.

You might have done too many decs or forgot a YO and you can compensate for it, but you need to know where the missing stitch belongs.