I believe I was here when I read an answer to a gauge question. The answer said the way they figured gauge was to count the bumps. I have looked and looked and can’t find it, can anyone tell me where it is?

Well counting the purl bumps on your WS if you’re knitting in stockinette, is for counting rows. If you’re wanting to count stitches, it’s better to measure on the RS of the sample and count the Vs.

Sue. I have always meant to ask…why “knitting heretic”?
You were the first person to teach me how to count rows by the way.

In participating in these forums, I realize I knit without following the rules' - I've never blocked, don't do swatches, though I do knit samples, use larger than recommended needles, don't follow patterns, don't slip the first st, etc - so I must be a heretic. Much of my advice seems to go against how you'resupposed’ to knit, including telling people there’s no `have to do it X way’, there’s only what suits them best.

Ahhh…thanks :slight_smile:

You’re in good company.
Annie Modesitt also calls herself a knitting heretic;
Anna Zilboorg calls herself a knitting anarchist.
Both are great knitters and teachers.
I suppose Elizabeth Zimmerman also fits the category because of her efforts to make knitters less dependent on strict rules and patterns.

Myself, I’m still working on whether to be sacrilegious, deviant or just plain contrary.

LOL. Any of those are good things to be… :wink: