i am going to try to knit with circular needles for the 1st time-the pattern I have requires 6.5mm-how do i know which to buy as they seem to have different lenghts?

thanks Louise

two questions… what are you knitting? And when you get to the instructions for the pattern do the instructions say anything about “join without twisting” your work? It would be listed probably right after the cast on instructions. Or are the instructions written Row 1, Row 2, etc or Round 1, Round 2, etc?

hi i am knitting a bag which i have ordered the pattern so i dont have it at the moment i wanted to order the needles at the same time

well i would guess if it doesn’t actually say a length then it is probably knit flat but couldn’t guarantee it without seeing the pattern. if it is knit flat then it doesn’t really matter what size you get though I do find it difficult to knit flat with 16 inch circs. my preference is for at least 24 inch.

Did you order from a catalog?? Usually here is a list of suggested needles, etc that you can order with pattern or kits.