I have somehow managed to mess up circular knitting. :wall:

My first hint came after asking a question about carrying yarn in circular knitting and wondering why my color changes were always on the outside of my circular knitting (see my post here).

Then, I decided to watch Amy’s video on weaving in ends using the duplicate stitch method. And it hit me like a brick (though I still don’t know what I am doing wrong)-- in Amy’s video, you see the “outer” part of the tube. When I do my circular knitting, I see the “inside” of my tube.

What am I doing wrong for this to happen? :help:
I cast on using the long tail method. Should I not use this method?

I just can’t figure out what is wrong…and I am frustrated :gah:


When I responded to your other post, I was wondering if that was the problem.

The needles should be closest to you, not away from you. If you spin the whole circle around 180 degrees, the needles will be on your side and the cord away from you. Like sipping from a glass–you drink from the side near you.

Then when you knit, you’ll be knitting on the outside of the tube.

It’s not the end of the world to knit the other way. You can just turn it inside out. Your ends ARE on the wrong side of the work. It’s just that the wrong side of the work is on the outside instead of on the inside.



So that is it-- and you are right, that is exactly what I do–cord near me, needle ends farther away.

I feel like such an idiot :oops:

I hope people don’t come knocking on my front door asking for my college diploma back.

Now I just need to practice circular knittng the “right” way.

lol that is actually pretty common…i don’t think you have to hide the diploma just yet! :wink:

It IS common. That’s why I know that you can turn it inside out. Some old-time Fair Isle knitters do it on purpose so the stranding is just a bit looser, so you don’t have to hide the diploma!

I knit circular inside-out on purpose, because I like the idea that the right side is being protected on the inside.

What if they come with a big fat check to reimburse you for all the tuition, books, and coffee? :teehee:

What if they come with a big fat check to reimburse you for all the tuition, books, and coffee? :teehee:[/quote]

No deal. Then I’d have to change my resume, I’d lose my job (because they require a college degree), and then I couldn’t afford yarn, and then I’d have to give up knitting–which would be ugly. Very, very ugly. I’d be tempted, but no.

But back to the knitting issue–I did some practice doing it the “right” way, but I find it more comfortable doing it with the needles further away from me. And I like brownishcoat’s idea of that keeping the “right side” protected. That’s going to be my story and I’m going to stick to it :slight_smile: