I knit these YEARS ago for my husband. After many cold dog walks/driving etc they are finally giving up the ghost. I tried to mend them but I don’t have matching yarn in wool in my stash atm. I know I knit them out of Paton’s Classic Wool. I have no idea what needle size or pattern I used.

I ran a search online and bumpkis. These are his favorite mittens. Even prefers them over store-bought. I recall I intentionally knit them with tight gauge to mitigate wind infiltration. These are probably 11-12 years old!

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Maybe someone will find the exact pattern for you.

Meanwhile, this is a similar pattern and free if you wanted to try it out and see if they are acceptable for hubby.

I would mend the current gloves with a different colour just for the sake of being able to continue wearing them while you make new. I’d probably choose a contrasting colour from stash to show off the mend - it kind of shows how loved they are.


They look well-used and loved. These gloves didn’t look like fingering or light weight yarn.

There are patterns on Ravelry in a heavier gauge.

Of course, gloves can be adapted to a fingerless version.

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Welcome to KH. I suspect that even with new gloves as long as these are usable they’ll still get worn. Obviously you know how to knit gloves. You know what yarn you used. If the yarn is the same now as it was then I’d guess you probably went down at least one needle size and maybe two. For socks in this yarn I’d most likely use a US5 is what my guess is based on. You can swatch to check the gauge, count your stitches in this glove, and follow the basic instructions from a pattern adapting if you need to, or - my fave - find a video that goes through the construction and just work without a pattern. I figure you’ll have a hand that can try it on as needed.


Reuse the yarn with a similar weight contrasting/complementary color.

Me, I would add a thick band of day glow or reflective orange across the palm and back of hand. Adding a bit of function or night time visibility.

I hope you find a fun way to remake your husband’s favorite gloves. I am sure they are more a reminder to him than just a really warm and functional pair of gloves.

I would bet that you would first have to pry them off his hands first. :raised_hand: