Help - wrapping yarn twice, then sl 1 dropping extra wrap

I’m very confused as this is my first advanced pattern -
Can someone help explain these 2 rows:
1st row: (WS) p1, wrapping yarn twice, p5… then it repeats
2nd row: k1, sl 1 wyib droppping extra wrap, k 5…
I saw the video online for wrapping stitches & I think I understand that - it’s the 2nd row that’s confusing me

Thanks for any help!!! :thinking:

Happy Thanksgiving!

After your first row is completed you’ll have a p, two wraps, and 5p’s, right?

On the next row, knit the first stitch, then, keeping the yarn in back, slip the first wrap and let the second wrap drop off the left needle, then knit the next 5 stitches. Make sense?

Forgive my inexperience with this!
I guess I’m having a problem understanding exactly what the pattern is doing so to speak, if I’m wrapping twice - I’m assuming I’m adding 2 rows because the pattern does curve at the top (it’s a purse that I’m going to felt) - but on the next row where it’s calling for slipping the first wrap & letting the second wrap drop - what will that do to the pattern?

The double wrap/drop on the next row stitch will create a drop stitch–an elongated stitch or strand. You’re not adding any rows here, just a decorative stitch.

Here is another source to check it out.

To create the curve in the top, I think you’re referring to short row shaping, which involves a different kind of wrap and turn technique.

I too am a new knitter, and trying a more challenging pattern. You have asked my exact question. Down to what is the pattern trying to accomplish? Thank you for asking the questions and thank you Mod Squad for answering so completely. I have no one to ask questions related to knitting from my circle of friends & family, but thanks to you two I was able to work this pattern out. Thank You! :slight_smile:

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Is that pattern from Newstitchaday? Oyster stitch?

Here’s a link that illustrates how to knit/purl it

Thank you for leaving it and not deleting. That’s a cool stitch, I have to use it!