Help: wrap and turn

i’m working on sock and one of the instructions is w&t.
it reads like this: wrap and turn. bring yarn to front of work between needles, slip next stitch to right-hand needle, bring yarn around this stitch to back of work, slip stitch back to left hand needle, turn your work to beging working back in the other direction.

this has me perplexed. i’m not sure i understand what to do, but, also, i’m not sure i understand the point. can anyone help?


You’re doing short row shaping, where you work only the center stitches. If you just turned your work and went back the other way, you’d leave a hole. Wrapping the stitch prevents this.

If you follow the directions step by step, you’ll be ok. Amy has video on w & t in the Advanced section under Short Row with Wrap.

You’re starting some short row shaping - wrapping is a popular method for doing this. Check out the video at the bottom of this page:


thanks so much. i’ll check out the video!

I also found this article in knitpicks to be very helpful.

There’s another article at knitty with pictures… Short rows at I have to refer to it whenever I do short cause I forget how.

wow! thanks so much. that tutorial is awesome!