Help with yarn sub for hat

I saw this hat and wondered…if I wanted to make a lighter-weight hat for summer, could I sub an equally gauged 100% cotton yarn for the wool yarn she used for this hat? Or would the cotton yarn not have enough stretch to lend itself to a comparable finish? :shrug:

Maybe linen?? Or a linen/soy blend?

:figureditout: BAMBOO!!!

Oooooo…I hadn’t even THOUGHT of bamboo!!! :drool: :woohoo: That’s a GREAT idea Hildie!!! :notworthy: I just finished this hat this morning, but I need to redo it so that it’s deeper (it was a little bit short for my preference), so I may just forego redoing it in wool and go straight to bamboo! Thanks!!! You enabler! :teehee:

cookworm, do you have a link to the pattern? TIA! Nevermind. Found it thanks!