Help with yarn comparison

I recently went through my mother’s stash of yarns and found many bundles of a yarn that I have no idea what the equivelent is. I tried going to the yarndex and they do not show it listed. It is called SOFIL and is from France. it is 65% wool, 25% mohair and 10% fiberavyl (whatever that is) they come in 50g bundle. Any idea what the yarn weight would be of the texture? The package does not say and I want to make a blanket or afghan with it. Any help would be appreciated. I would hate to have the 18 bundles go to waste.

There is a way to guestimate what size needles to use. Take a piece of yarn. Fold if in half. Twist it slightly. Then put it thru the holes in a needles gauge (you know, the gadget that says this hole is a size 6, 7, etc.) The fit should be snug.

Second option is to compare it to yarn where you know the weight (ie worsted, dk, etc.) Cut a length of the known yarn & the Sofil. Cross then over each so they fold at the center. Then rub them between your palms. If they feel the same diameter, then they probably are the same weight yarn.

Thanks for the advice.

Is there a picture of needles and a gauge? That can help you figure out what weight it is by the size needles used and the sts in the gauge.

Yes, there is. It shows a pair of knitting needles and a crochet hook with the numbers 3 1/2-4 next to it. I have no idea what the numbers represent. Any help would be appreciated!

Probaby 3½-4mm needles. Which would mean it’s a fingering or sport weight yarn.

That helps emensely!

Actually, make that sport or DK, I forgot that translates into US size 5 and 6.

Lion Brand Yarn has a really good gauge on its site. I’ve used it more than once to judge a weight on yarn with no label. I buy remnant yarn at second hand places to practice on and it’s really helped.

Can you write everything that’s on the label? Or even post a photo of it? Is there a square that says a number along the horizontal edge and another along the vertical edge? Does it say how many meters or yards there are in a 50g skein?

Does it say “125m” on it anywhere? Does it also say something like, “10 x 10: 23m, 30orgs”?

If so, this is a DK weight yarn they produced. They are expecting you to use 3.5 - 4mm needles, and if you knit a 4" X 4" square, you should get 23 stitches across and 30 rows up and down. Since you’re looking to make an afghan, the gauge isn’t as important, but in order to get the kind of fabric result you want, it should be pretty close to the yarn the pattern recommends. You want to find a pattern that uses a yarn that is somewhere around 22 - 24 sts per 4"/10cm. In the UK, that’s DK, in the US, sport weight or a light worsted weight would be your best bet. Just remember, if the label of the recommended yarn is about the same as the Sofil, it’ll work.

If it is what I think it is, then you should have enough for a reasonable sized afghan. So let’s say you’re Sofil does say it has 125 meters per 50g skein. Times 18, that’s 2250 meters, or 2462 yards. So if you find a pattern that uses a yarn of similar weight, multiply however many skeins they require times the yardage that specific yarn gets, and make sure it’s 2462 yds or less.

Here is a scanned image of the label. Thanks for helping me with this!

Here is a scanned image of the label. thanks so much for your help!

P.S. I found out that “neigeuse” means snow-covered. I presume that is the color name since the yarn is a light cream color.

Yeah, the 3½-4 is the needle or hook size recommended and it would be in mm, so a size 5 or 6 needle.50g of it would be about 150 yds or so. I think “Sofil neigeuse” is the yarn name, the color and dyelot are the other numbers there by the needle size.

You are a life saver! now to fine the perfect (beginner or easy) afghan pattern to start knitting!

Try e-mailing this yarn shop in France, which speaks English: They would probably know, or know how to contact the company. Can you also post a photo of the yarn, itself?

Here is someone on French eBay selling some Sofil yarn. If you contact them quickly, before they sell and ship it, they may be able to find an address on the yarn label so that you can contact the company.

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