Help with Woodland Nightfall Knit Snood Pattern Please!!!

Pattern is under
After completing 4 row patterns until work measures 25, then need to start decreasing, while keeping pattern correct, dec. 1 st. at each end of next and following 5 alternating rows, then on foll 9 rows, ending with RS facing for next row. Not sure what this means…if I dec. as I understand it, I am losing the pattern - am I not??? Please help.
Thank you.

Yes, you’re losing pattern sts at the edges. Just keep the pattern stitches in the body consistent with the previously worked rows.

Very nice looking snood/cowl!

Don’t understand, if by decreasing at each end, for 5 alternating rows, then on following 9 rows (all the while keeping pattern), how is there any pattern left???
Can you explain so I understand how this is done? Sorry, but find this very confusing.

The decrease rows shape the shoulders. The pattern does this by decreasing at each edge rather than say, decreasing all around like a beanie.
For the smallest size, there are 68sts before you start the pattern stitch rows. When you dec on the next row and the following 5 rows you’ll end with 56sts. Dec over the next 9 rows you’ll end with 38sts. Your pattern repeat is 5-6sts depending on the row so 38sts is still enough for 7 repeats plus the extra sts at the beginning of the row.
The important thing is to maintain the pattern in the body and as much of the pattern as possible on the edges. The edge patterns will gradually be “eaten away” by the decreases but the columns of knit and purls will be maintained in the center portion of the knit fabric.

Okay, thanks SalmonMac, I’ll give it a try. Appreciate that you got back to me so promptly. Enjoy your day!