Help with wax, please

Okay, so I’m kindof devastated right now. A double knitting project i’ve been working on just got wax spilled on it, any ideas on getting it out? I would just unwind to the point, but it’s in the beginning and it’s a very large project, 206 stitches per row. =( Any help??


P.S. I’m using Red Heart Plush…

I was going to suggest using heat to get it out–an iron over a towel to melt the wax and absorb it, but I’m afraid your yarn will melt. Maybe put it in the freezer and then pick it out?

Here are a couple suggestions I found with google.


Place a paper towel over the stain and draw the wax up into it by placing a warm iron over the paper towel (this is called “capillary action”); repeat if necessary. Sponge the stained area with 1 c. isopropyl alcohol and 2-3 c. water if the stain remains. Sponge from the outside to the inside of the stain. Be very sure not to get the area too wet or you can bring up a stain from the padding.


Remove the excess the best you can. This is best done by putting an ice cube on the wax to harden it, then peeling or scraping off the excess wax. Then place an absorbent piece of paper underneath, such as a brown paper bag. Put a white paper towel on top. Place a warm (not hot) iron on top over the paper towel and it should draw the wax up to the towel.

I put in the carpet one b/c I though that might be more like yarn than fabric. If it were me, I would test the alcohol on a scrap piece of warn to make sure it isn’t going to mess with the color of your project. I hope this helps!


First of all, welcome to the forum Ryan! :waving:

Since the nature of the RH Plush would be to hide little tidbits of the wax, after I picked out all that I could {after freezing it}, I would try using a hair dryer to soften it and get the rest of it out with an absorbent towel or paper towel. I can’t recall off-hand what the washing instructions are for that yarn, but if it’s machine washable, I’d give it a go in the washer after I picked out all that I could. Many candles {which I’m assuming this wax is} will melt at a temperature much lower than the yarn will, so with extreme care and caution, you should be able to get most if not all of it out.

I might try a citrus-oil based remover too, like Goo Gone or D-Solv-It after you scraped off as much wax as you could.

There is this stuff, never tried it specifically before, but I’ve used the regular De-Solv-It on other greasy type stains and it worked well

Oh crud, it looks like this particular stuff is in the UK, but I know I’ve gotten the squirty bottles of the stuff at Target and the like.

You might want to knit up a small test swatch first to make sure there isn’t some funky reaction with the yarn before you treat the wax stain on your project.

Thanks to all of you for the suggestions. :thumbsup: I’m going home from college in a few days, so I’ll give it a go when i get back (as I don’t have a hair dryer or decent freezer here). I’m holding hope; the hair dryer should work. Thanks again!