Help with vintage lace knitting pattern, extra stitches

I’ve been knitting this vintage Crucci pattern, just using one colour. I’ve completed the rib and increased until I have 125 stitches.

I’ve started the pattern which is:
Rows 1,2,3,4 - Knit
Rows 5,7,9,11 - K1 *(K2 tog) twice, (yfd to m1, K3) 3 times, yfd, (sl 1, k1, psso) twice, K1, rep from * to end
Rows 6,8,10,12 - purl

For the size I am knitting it says:
You have 2 less sts than complete patt repeats. Leave out the K1 before the *at beg of row, and the last K1 at the end of row.

I am stuck on row 5 where the pattern begins. I feel I have tried to following these instructions perfectly, and have gone slowly each time to make sure the pattern is correct but I can never get it right. There are always either more or less stitches at the end of the row! I think maybe I am doing something wrong around the yfd, (sl 1, k1, psso) twice instructions

  • Am I meant to have 125 stitches at the end of the row still or are they meant to increase?
  • Am I meant to finish the row on the yfd, (sl 1, k1, psso) twice instruction?

I’m so stuck and unsure what’s going on! I find I struggle a bit with understanding these vintage crucci patterns.
Any help at all would be so helpful

It’s a little confusing the way it is worded for your size. It took a bit of working out to get the maths right.

125 sts
You will begin and end the row with 125 sts.

The part between the ** uses 18 sts and makes 18 sts, no change in stitch count.
This 18 stitch instruction can be worked in full 6 times
18 × 6 = 108 sts
There is then a repeat of the instruction where you must leave out the final K1, this makes the final repeat 17 stitches.
108 + 17 = 125

For your size always ignore the first K1 which is written before the ** repeat.
For 6 sets of the full repeat make sure to work the last K1 as written.
For the final, 7th set, of the repeat work the repeat but exclude the last K1.

You could place markers along your row at 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, leaving the last 17 stitches at the end.
This way uou will see that you finish the repeat at the marker.

Often patterns are tricky at the start, setting up and getting used to how the pattern is written, but you’ll probably settle into the pattern soon enough. Frustrating at the start though!

Hope this helps.
If it’s still not clear please do say, there’s lots of help here.


Thank you so much for your detailed response and for taking the time to help me with this. It was driving me crazy but it’s all working out now after reading your comment. Thank you so much again!!

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You are welcome. It’s great to hear you are back on track with this cute top.
Don’t hesitate to ask again if there are more tricky bits, and we’d love to see a pic when your finished.

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