Help with understanding thumb bind off for fingerless gloves pattern

I’m working on a pair of fingerless gloves. The design is from Churchmouse Yarns. This bind off is done in the round, as you knit the rest of the pattern - not done separately.

Here are the instructions for the bind-off round (for ease of understanding, I have typed out abbreviated terms).

With Main Color, Knit 22, Remove Marker, Purl 1; keeping yarn in front, Slip 1, pass second stitch on right needle over first stitch to bind off. Repeat between * * until you have bound off over the last purl; Remove Marker (this is the second marker denoting the stitches for the thumb opening), Slip last stitch on right needle back to left needle. Turn.

Here is where I’m confused. If I’m using the Magic Loop method, how do I turn the needles? The original pattern was set up for double pointed needles, but that shouldn’t matter, should it?

The pattern continues: Using cable cast-on method, cast on 4 stitches firmly. Turn.

Here is more confusion for me. Are the cast on stitches done on the right or left needle? I’m thinking it’s the right needle, but then that doesn’t close off the thumb opening.

I realize this may be difficult to understand without a visual. Here is a link to a picture of the glove.

Thank you in advance for any tips anyone has.

When you’ve bound off sts and moved the last stitch leftover from the bind off from the right needle to the left, it seems to me that you’re in position to work the cable cast on. You wouldn’t need to turn. Once sts are cast on you can also knit across them and then around the glove. When you reach the thumb again on this round, you’ll connect the body of the glove to the cast on sts. Continue in rounds from there.
(I’m assuming the gloves are knit from the wrist to the fingers.)

Hi there and thank you so much for your reply! I did a sample, following what you say here, and you are correct! I don’t need to turn after the bind off, and yes, the cable cast on is done on the left needle (where the working yarn remains after the bind off).

After the 4 cable cast on stitches, I slip one and pass the last cable cast on stitch over that stitch. (this wasn’t included in my original post). This step closes the thumb, and the next round finishes it off.

Thanks again for your very helpful thoughts! Much appreciated!!

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