Help with Trinity Stitch pleas

I’m knitting a V neck jumper and have to decrease on the neck edge which means decreasing the trinity stitch. The trinity stitch panel is 16 stitches across and when I am decreasing it just looks awful. I have tried knitting the extra stitches at either end of the panel and this too looks awful. Is there an easy way to do this.

Usually the way to do this decrease is to convert the pattern repeat at the neck or armhole edge to stockinette. This is because there aren’t enough sts to complete a full repeat of the pattern stitch. You may have to prepare for this a row in advance but it should look reasonable.

Why does it look awful? It should only be ~3-4sts.

Which pattern are you making?


Thank you so much for your reply. I have used stockinette stitch but it just doesn’t look very tidy. I’ve tried it on the neck edge and on the armhole edge and it looks messy (and it’s driving me crazy - so close to finishing and I’ve been stuck on this for weeks). I’ve attached a PDF of the jumper (lady on the left). This is slightly misleading as the trinity stitch shown on the pattern is 12 stitches and leaves very little room for stockinette, and the size I’m doing requires 16 stitches.

Again, many thanks for your reply - much appreciated.

It looks lovely. I can’t see the neck in the photo but I wonder if the neck edging will help to neaten up the stitches.

It doesn’t! I’ve started to knit a test panel - without the cables - just to see if I can make it look better. If you don’t mind - when I’ve done this I will send you a pic and you can give me your thoughts. Sitting looking at the pic I sent you I realised that I had already done this on the back - I went from 16 to 15, 14 etc uniformly i.e. decreasing on each raglan edge - and it looks just fine, but it went from 16 to 12 to 8 very quickly (and tidily) as it was every alt row. What I’m doing now is every 4th row so lots of stockinette is visible.

I’ve got 16 Trinity Stitches - 3 random stitches - 8 cable pattern and P1. So the trinity is away from the neck edge. So if I K1, cable 8, random 3, and then stockinette for 3, 2, 1 it just looks messy. But you have answered my question - I’m not doing anything wrong.

Thank you for your help.

Doesn’t sound like anything that you’re doing wrong. I’ve run into similar situations with lace but I’m always surprised that in the end, it turns out ok. Be happy to see your photo anytime.


Thanks for having a look this - two photos (not the best quality). One of them is the back of the jumper which I seem to have done no trouble at all, and the other is the test panel. I’m thinking of doing it again with the cables in place to see if it looks any better. Your thoughts would be very welcome.

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It may be that I’m not seeing the photo well enough to tell but it looks as though the trinity panel is decreased before it has to? Also, are the trinity stitch bumps now aligned instead of staggered? I may just be misinterpreting the photo.