Help with this pattern rib 5

Dear all,

I have questions on knitting a man’s hat. I am a new knitter, and I learn how to knit and how to read patterns through Google myself. I am so happy that I found this forum.

I have question about this pattern:

I start with the pattern 1x1 rib, and now it’s the time to do this:
Inc. row: rib 5 (m1, rib 10) to last 6 sts, m1, rib to end (122sts)

I know it is going to increase the stitches to 122 sts in total. However, I have trouble on reading it.

Does this pattern means “rib5” = work on first 5 stitches as one knit one purl… and ends on knit.
Then (m1, rib10) means I do “make one” (add one stitches in) then do the next 10 stitches in rib pattern (knit 1 purl 1) until there has 6 stitches left.

Then I do m1, and rib5 to end?

Thanks for your help!!!

I think you’ve got it. That’s how I read it too.

YES!! Thank you so much for your help! I did this row…

Now I have another row pattern to understand…

1st row: p3, * TW2R, p4, k8, p4, (TW2R, p4) twice. Repeat from * to end of row, finishing with p3, instead of p4.
2nd row: k all k sts, p all p sts.

For the 2nd row, how can I recognize if it’s k sts or p sts?
Does it mean if previous row I purl the stitch, then this row I’ll purl it again? Which means TW2R stitches are all knit stitches?


Knit the knits and purl the purls means as they present on the side you’re working. If it looks like a knit, knit it; looks like a purl, purl it. So your TW2R stitches would be purls on the WS.

Sometimes pulling the work down from the needle a bit will help ID the knits and purls.

You’re going to do great with this and we’d love to have you share pictures.

Og my god!! Thanks for your help. I actually tries to research some Youtube videos, but they don’t teach this at all.

After your explanation, I know what I should do. Which means… for this 2nd row, I knit the one I purl in the previous row.

I am so excited to continue working on this hat… it’s really fun.


Can you help me on reading this? (I almost finish it!!!)

5th row: work as set, decreasing 2 sts in middle of each cable. (97sts) Work 3 rows in pattern, substituting CB8 with CB6.

I don’t understand what’s the meaning of “in middle of each cable”…
Does it mean the middle of the twist part? So I subtract 2 sts from each of them (total is 4 of them)…?


@salmonmac - This is one of those things I’m sure I could do but can’t explain.

I think I know what to do now… I’ll try it. Thanks!

Yes, 2sts dec per cable (6 stitch cables instead of 8 stitch). You could place the decreases toward the center (k1, ssk, k2, k2tog, k1)

Thank you!!

Now I have another question -
9th row: k2tog, p2,
(k1, k2tog, p2) twice,

  • p4, (k1, k2tog, p2) 4 times. Repeat from * to last 10sts, p4, k1, k2tog, p2, k2tog. (80sts)
    Worl 1 row.

I did the previous four rows, and now it’s RS facing to me. Is this for RS? If yes… what’s the “Worl 1 row” means? What should I do? THANK YOU!!!

When you begin to shape the crown the pattern tells you that the first row is a WS row. All odd number rows in this section, including row 9 are WS rows.
“Work 1 row” means to knit the knit sts, purl the purl sts and maintain the twist pattern as you have been doing. This is row `0, an even number row and RS row.


I am wondering how can I do this one …
Break yarn leaving
long tail, thread crewel needle, thread through remaining sts and fasten off securely. Join back seam with right sides facing to last 2” (5cms). Join remaining seam on RS for brim turn-up.

This is my first time do the knitting… Is this a normal ending for a hat?


Congrats on finishing this hat. It’s very good looking.
If you knit flat (back and forth) it’s usual to have to seam the hat. If you follow a pattern in the round, there’s no seam to finish.
Your hat has a brim turned up. In order for the seam not to show on the outside of this turned up brim, the seam is moved to the RS (right side) in the area of the ribbing. That way it’ll be hidden when the brim is turned.
We’d love to see a photo!


My very first hat!! I am so happy!!

But it seems like it’s too small… haha

This is my very first time knit (it’s all started from my dog’s sweater… ) I learn everything through Youtube and here… THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

You did a beautiful job with the hat. It looks great!

That pattern isn’t well written so you did double great.

Wow, well done! Beautiful pattern and shaping. Try washing and blocking. If it’s wool it might well relax a bit and fit just fine.
Congratulations on completing your first hat and on persisting with it.

Thank you two for the help!!

I am going to find my next pattern… not sure which one is good yet… haha