Help with this pattern please

It says to work in the pattern then it goes on and says

Change to garter st for 16 rows:
rows 29 through 44: knit
Change back to the japanese feather patt st for rows, with 2-st garter st for edges:
row 45: repeat row 1
row 46: repeat row 2
row 47: through 72 continue as established, [COLOR=“RoyalBlue”]ie rep rows 3 through 28.[/COLOR]
Repeat from
7 more times = 380 row total. You should have 9 bands of Japanese feather patt st alternating with 8 bands of garter st and scarf should measure approximately 76" long.

So when it says ie rep rows 3 through 28 start from there and don’t worry about the rows 1 and 2
Thanks for your time

You see they’re repeated in rows 45 and 46. I don’t know why it doesn’t read “rows 45 to 72, repeat rows 1-28” though; it’s the same as what they have written.