Help with the piggy

Hello all HAPPY THANKSGIVING alittle late,

but anyways I need help with the pigs tail… this is the pattern link…

can anyone help me I am here right now


The directions seem pretty straightforward to me. I don’t know how to elaborate on them. What is it you’re having a problem with?

do I cut the yarn to make the tail?? I guess that is where I am really stuck??

It’s added after the knitting is done. If you’re knitting on the row where the tail is joined, they just want you to place a marker for later (tie a loop in that stitch or something similar). If you’re done with the knitting part, then use another piece of yarn to attach the tail.

so I don’t place a loop marker??? that is what I was going to do well that is good to know I will just tie a loop around that stitch?? I think I can do that… thanks for your help Jenifer

Loop markers go on the needle and will move up with the needle as you knit. Or if you have the kind of loop with an opening, you could use that. I can never find mine.

To be honest, you probably don’t even need a marker, you’ll be able to see where the tail goes on the pig, anyway.

Thanks you soo much once again THANKS