Help with the decreases in this pattern , I’m stuck !


I’m working this pattern and I’m confused on the decreases . I’ve gotten thru the first set of them and currently at 48 stitches . The following instructions for the remaining increases I’m just not getting it ! Please help !


So I think what they’re saying is to now increase at the ends of every fourth row, 5 times (58 sts). Then increase at the ends of every sixth row, two times (62 sts). It’s just written sort of backwards.


Thank you , thank you!!!
That makes sense :hugs:. I’ve read it so many time I had to put it down !!! Being that I have to make 2 panels I needed to get a clue !


My pleasure! I had to read through it a couple times to figure out what they were saying. It was very poorly written so don’t feel bad.