Help with the Adipose knitting pattern - Adipose (
Here is the pattern, and I don’t understand the section about the hands
Row 12: K across, then pick up 6 sts along cast on edge to work the top of the arm as one piece.
I assume the hand is knitted flat, so how do I “pick up 6 sts along cast on edge to work the top of the arm as one piece,” do I put the pick-up stitches on a different needle? Do I attach new yarn? Or am I supposed to knit in the round for the hand?
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The hands are knit flat. Fold over at the k2tog, yarn over row to make a picot edge. That forms the fingers. Then continue to knit rows 7-11. Because of the fold, that should bring you back to the cast on edge where you pick up the 6sts with the same working yarn strand that you have been using. Some of the projects on Ravelry then knit the rest of the rows for the arms in the round.

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Thank you for the suggestion for knitting in the round.
The tips for making up is a little bit confusing, “using cast on tail, sew shortest foot seam, then work across the top of the foot where the YOs are, and make a small stitch over each one so that the K2togs form ‘toes’.”
I have no idea what to do with this line and simply sewed the seam. The final product looks fine.


That looks wonderful! The sewing stitch between the fingers is just to emphasize the fingers but I think the picot edge does that well enough. Very nicely done, fingers and toes.

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