Help with tenquie for a pattern

HI I am currently trying to make a pattern call a lace tipped stripped scarf by hannah fettig. I tried the first row it calls for increases and decreases. There are 56 st. I ended up with 53. the book says each lace row ends with 56 sts. There are yo witch the videos helped with but the one for sl1,k2togther and psso. Do you count the psso after you pass them as a stitch if the next row is purling do I pick the stitch back up there. I’m confused any video or tip would really help.


Hi Keri,

You wouldn’t count the stitch you passed over as a stitch. Is it possible you missed a yarn over when you were knitting? That is a common thing that happens to me when I’m doing lace knitting. Or if you could type out the line of the pattern that you are struggling with, maybe we could help you figure it out.

Yeah, it’s really easy to miss a YO and the sl 1, k2tog, psso is a double decrease which results in 1 st where there were 3. Look at the row you did and count the sts by saying the name from the pattern - like knit, knit, yo, k, skp, k yo, or whatever, and you should be able to find where you missed a YO or whatever.