Help with supposedly simple hat

I was thinking about knitting this hat for a nephew. He is 8 years old, so I would have to resize it a bit.
I like to read ahead on a pattern, but I am a little unsure about the directions. The 7th paragraph down, where it begins, “So, with all that in mind”… So, she takes the circumferance of the head, and doubles the stitches accordingly. Then she does the 1x1 rib thing. But is the rib done every other stitch until the top? Then, I would guess that she picks up the unused stitches at the bottom of the brim off the waste yarn, and then knits the other side of the brim from there. I have never seen anything like this. Then the directions only tell a person how to knit the band itself. She never tells when to decrease in the body of the hat in order to get any shape out of the hat. I thought that I would use as a guideline, one of the hats that are displayed on this website. Any help would be appreciated.

There are directions for decreasing after the motif pictures.

I think the doubling of the stitches thing is for her next hat–she’s going to double knit the brim rather than make it flat with one motif upside down and one rightside up.

You make the brim, then fold it in half and knit together it’s cast on edge with the stitches on your needle, then continue making the rest of the hat.