Help with stretch and pocket issues

Making this sweater for a friend. She wants finished length to be about 31". Pattern calls for about 29". Given the nature of the stitch, which will grow in length in short order, should I aim for 29"? Also, how much stretch to allow for in sleeves? (BTW, I’m making up in smaller gauge.)

Also, I need to add pockets. I’m a whiz at doing the patch kind but am bit stymied here. Don’t want to do side seam and not sure about set-in given the stitch pattern (how to finish off the upper edge). I wondered if possible to stitch the pocket area in st st and then make patch, in pattern, to go over that area.

Any help, feedback appreciated.



Hi Cam,

Seems as though a gauge swatch may be called for here…found this great [size=6][color=red]article[/color][/size] a while back that might be helpful.

It talks about swatching & knitting to gauge quite extensively.

Also, this one, on [color=red][size=6]blocking[/size][/color] gives good info on blocking different types of yarn.

Is there a particular reason you don’t want to do side-seam pockets?
Seems to me that might be the best way to go to avoid a saggy looking front.


Diane, thanks for the links.

I’m using acrylic for this project…so blocking not of much help this go 'round.

I’ll reconsider the sideseam pockets. Fear they’ll gape, esp when sweater is tied, (friend is quite weight conscious so don’t want attn drawn to the hip area). Wanted a clean line wherever possible.


Hmmm…but won’t any sort of pocket “draw attention to the hip area”?

I did one on a car-coat-type wrap sweater (years ago) that was integrated into the front, side-seam & waistline area, with a crescent-shaped opening. That lays pretty flat, but it does add some bulk. No getting around that, I think. Wish I had a digital camera…it’s right behind me, I could show you.

Then , too, why choose a stitch pattern with decidedly horizontal lines if someone’s worried about looking big? Horizontal “stripes” widen, vertical “stripes” slim.



As for why the horizontal orientation (I wondered the same!), the friend chose the pattern. (I em’d her pic of a sweater I’ll be making for myself that has ONLY vertical detail and noted the slenderizing effect.) She said the one she chose was identical to a fave sweater she wore for years and loved to death so perhaps some sentimentality issues. She’s also working on losing the extra poundage so the weight issue is hopefully only temporary.

You and me both wishing for the dig cam. Sure would come in handy. Your crescent pocket treatment sounds interesting. I just recently designed a couple sweaters that turned out remarkabley well and am tackling new projects that afford challenges. Hopefully I won’t endure too much frogging on this so whatever pocket treatment (she DOES want pocket…would obviously be easier w/o), want to decide on that feature sooner rather than later.

I have the portion of the back I’d completed hanging, and weighted, per the info in one of the links you gave. Immediately stretched consistent with what I thought would happen. I’ll see if there’s much change come the morrow.


Hi Cam,

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