Help with stocking heel

I’m knitting this stocking here:

I’m having trouble starting the heel. Just finished the leg, but I’ve never actually knitted before and the heel is confusing me. I tried looking at youtube videos for help but they seem to be doing something totally different.

I’m knitting with 5 dpns if that makes any difference. It says to knit the first and last 15 stitches on the round, which I get, but the instructions say to knit 14, wrap and turn, then purl 28, wrap and turn, knit then wrap and turn, purl then wrap and turn, lather rinse repeat until you have 10 wrapped stitches. The first part makes sense, the last two steps make sense, I don’t get why I knit 14, wrap and turn, then purl 28. Wouldn’t that start it off lopsided?

It also says to have 10 unwrapped stitches in the middle which I’m also not comprehending at all.

Can somebody please help me? Maybe simplify this (is that even possible)?

Are you new to short rows? Here’s a video to help you.

Yep sounds like a short row heel to me I do them all the time as you do them they do get easier. The first time I was confused also. I havea dvd that shows how to do it. I have to buy dvd’s as I have dial-up and cant watch the videos. Good luck and I use circular needles so much easier that dpn’s.

Thanks guys. I accidentally stumbled on a video tutorial on short rows and figured out what it was telling me to do. Until I saw how to do it they might as well have tried to explain it to me in Chinese or something, it just wasn’t sinking in lol

:cheering: We have all been there at 1 point in time…glad you got it, not to hard once you see it.