Help with starting from a stitch holder

Hi all! I am relatively new to knitting and just graduated from making scarves to a making a felted bag…Question - How do I join the yarn to begin from stitches on a stitch holder?? I know I have to place my stitches back on a needle, but I am confused about how to start from there, and the pattern is no help… I know it is probably something simple, but I just want to be sure I do it correctly and not have my purse fall apart once it is in use!

I love this site and have learned so MUCH from everyone and the videos…thanks for your help in advance!

Here’s what I do in that situation:

  1. Put the sts from the holder back on needle, making sure NOT to twist them.
  2. Grab yarn from the skein.
  3. Run the end of the yarn along the left hand needle.
  4. Pick up the yarn coming from the skein and just start knitting… :wink:

The first couple sts will feel loose, but I tighten them by tugging on the tail piece that I run along the left needle in step #3 and the working yarn. You can secure that loose tail later once the work is finished. The key here to is make sure that the tail in step #3 is fairly long so that the sts don’t unravel.

Hope that helps a little.

:smiley: Thanks, ekgheiy - I appreciate the help! That was sort of what I thought I should do, but I just wanted to make sure before I started! Can’t wait to get my bag finished and start the felting process!!