Help with "Sophia" from French Girl Knits

I’m utterly lost and hoping someone here will have worked this pattern. Here’s a photo that shows the mess I’m in. I’ve finished the right sleeve and I’m starting the front and back. These are the instructions (* indicates where I am):

Place sleeve sts on shorter cir needle in larger size. With crochet hook and smooth waste yarn, use the crochet-on method to provisionally CO 37 right front sts onto straight needle in larger size. Join new yarn to beg of new CO sts with RS facing. Using longer cir needle in larger size, work Row 1 of Roman stripe patt in rows as foll: (RS) K1, [yo, k1] 35 times, yo k2tog (last CO st tog with first sleeve st), [yo, k1] 68 times, set aside temporarily, leaving the last st unworked. Using straight needle in larger size and working from lower edge toward underarm, pick up 37 sts for right back from main yarn loops at base of provisional CO. * With RS facing and using yarn attached at end of sleeve, cont as foll: yo, k2tog (last sleeve st tog with first CO st), [yo, k1] 35 times, k1–282 sts after completing Row 1.

I appear to be going in the wrong direction if I turn the work so the RS is facing, I don’t see how to work the sts off the middle of a cable, or how in the world I would end up with 282 sts after Row 1. I’ve already spent a lot of time knitting the sleeve, so I’d sure hate to have to give up. BTW, the yarn is curly only because I’m knitting it right off of a sweater I’m unraveling.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have this book, nor have I ever knit anything from it, but I’m going to give it a go, anyway:) .
Looking at the directions you’ve included and looking at the photo you provided, something looks wrong to me. This is the right sleeve, right? And the new sts in provisional cast on are coming out of the left side of the sleeve, right? But isn’t that part supposed to be the right front? Which would mean coming off of the other side of this sleeve? “With crochet hook and smooth waste yarn, use the crochet-on method to provisionally CO 37 [B][U]right front [/U][/B]sts onto straight needle in larger size.” Or did I read this wrong or am I missing something?

Carol, are you on Ravelry? Because the French Girl Fans group has a Sophia KAL made just for you! :slight_smile: Kristeen is on all of the KALs, so get yourself on Rav if you’re not already, and join in on the KAL for Sophia if you are! (LOTS of people working on it!)

eta: I’ve flagged your post on the Rav Sophia KAL thread in case you have to wait for a Rav invite…hopefully someone will come help you in that case!

hi carol,
my pal, globaltraveler said you might be having trouble with sophia from french girl knits–help is on the way! if you are on, as global said, then come join our french girl fans group for help with sophia–i will look over your post tomorrow (i had an extremely long day of knitting deconstruction today and my brain is toast) and we will see what we can do to help! hang in there, kristeen

Well, I thought I was casting on the right side, but then you attach it to the sleeve by ktog the last CO st and first sleeve st. So maybe I just attached the CO to the wrong end of the sleeve round.

Yes, I’m already on Ravelry! So I’ll definitely go there and look for help. I don’t know what a KAL is, but I’ll head over there anyway.

It’s a Knit ALong, in other words, people all working on the same project.