Help with Sockotta yarn

[color=indigo]I would like to make a pair of socks with Sockotta. Has anyone made socks with this yarn? On their website, it says you can make a pair of socks with one ball, and there were patterns… however, I believe they are available only to yarn shops?? I was actually hoping to find a free pattern for this yarn. I am pretty new to sock knitting, and since this yarn is pretty expensive (for me) I wanted to use one of their patterns so I wouldn’t screw it up. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks![/color] :notworthy:

You can use any sock yarn with any pattern as long as the gauge is right. A LOT of KH’rs have learned with this tutorial.

Silver’s sock class

Thanks Jan! Those little hats you have on your site are so adorable!

You’re welcome! And thank you! I made them for the Caps to the Capital KAL and sent them last Tuesday. :wink:

I’ve made socks from Sockotta. There isn’t any reason why you couldn’t use any sock pattern for it. It is a standard wool/cotton blend sock yarn.

Thanks for the help, I am going to get started right now! :cheering: