Help with sock instructions please

I’m doing up toe up socks for the first time. I don’t understand these instructions…
I’ve done the gusset and now I’m at the heel shaping. Instructions say to…
Put the 32 sts. (which is the instep) on two needles.
row 1: slip 1 as to purl, K29, purl 1, turn (23 sts. unworked)
row 2: slip 1, purl 5, purl 2 tog., purl 1 turn, (23 unworked)
row 3: slip 1, k6, ssk, k1, turn
row 4: slip 1, p7, purl 2 tog, p1, turn
row 5: slip 1, k8, ssk, k1, turn
row 6: slip 1, p9, p2 tog, p1, turn
continue until 30 sts. plus one unworked stitch on each end remains (32 sts. on heel needle) Do not work this last stitch. TURN.

What do I do with the instep 32 sts.??? Anything?
I don’t understand how I’m going to put the instep 32 sts. on two needles or what two needles.
And all these rows - are these the bottom of the foot only??

I believe that you’d just leave the instep stitches on their needles and work the bottom of the foot on the other needle. You need to put the instep stitches on two needles or you won’t be able to maneuver the needles to work the other stitches.

After you do all the decreases, the pattern should tell you what to do with the instep stitches.

So the instep sts. are just on hold while I do the heel part? It says nothing about these instep sts. I gave all the instructions except for the ribbing for the leg part but that doesn’t mention the instep sts.

Correct - the instep stitches sit and wait whilst you do the heel.
If you think about the shaping of the heel - there is a lot more knitting that needs to happen before it is ready for the leg part of the sock to be knitted. You will be knitting the “bend” in your sock - it is further around the outside of the bend, so you’ll need more knitting!

oh yes, thanks - I understand that now :slight_smile: How do you attach the instep after the heel is done and you’re ready for the leg?

you just start kniting those stitches again going back to in-the-round instead of knitting back and forth as you are for the heel.

hAS anyone made this/ they are gorgeoous and i hear easy, but i just don’t understand. do i just keep making squares? when do i join them. please help me joan