Help with sock heel & short rows - adapting pattern

I’m knitting this pattern for ankle socks : Allison’s Ankle Socks.

It is a really good pattern and I’m having fun learning about the yarn over short rows! So far, tons easier for me than the Wrap & Turn short rows.

ANYhow… my question is this. I’m using size 2 needles instead of the ones called for in the pattern, plus I have big feet and stuff so I cast on 72 stitches instead of 54.

So, I have started on the short rows for the heel… the pattern says to continue doing the short rows until there are 8 stitches without yarnovers.

Since I’m using a ton more stitches, will I work the short rows until there are 8 stitches + the number of stitches I added (18 I think)? Or, will I keep working the short rows until there are 8 stitches?

And, what difference would it make?

TIA for any advice. :slight_smile: These ankle socks are my first foray into adult socks (I made one baby sock and that was it), they are a pretty quick knit so far and will be really cute. I hate going without socks, but regular socks with capri style jeans just doesn’t cut it. :shock:


I would probably adjust it proportionately…so 8 stitches for a c/o 54 would become 10 or 11 for a c/o of 72.

Ideally, you should have 20% of the # of cast on sts unworked between the short rows, 14 sts